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About Rocks & Things... Metaphysical

Rocks & Things…Metaphysical opened in the fall of 2007 and is Located in the heart of Whitefish, Montana , 15 minutes from Whitefish Mountain Resort at Big MounRocks and Things Metaphysical and Velvettain and less than 45 minutes from the jewel of the continent Glacier National Park. If you have been drawn to Rocks & Things…Metaphyscial trust yourself and venture in. If you live too far away at least check out this website. Rocks & Things offers a unique collection of stones, crystals, jewelry, locally made drums, crystal bowls books and other things metaphysical. What does Metaphysical mean? Metaphysics is the study of things beyond the five senses. This includes shamanism, mysticism, quantum physics, energy healing and of course vibrational medicine that includes sound and crystal/stone healing.


Through Velvet’s own personal experiences, she has seen how having Stone People around has made her calmer, more grounded and more centered and it is because of her experiences with Stone People that she wants to share and awaken within you your connection to the mineral kingdom and the seven rays as expressed through stones.




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